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Friday, 6 October 2017

18.00-1900 Keynote Opening Lecture
(Fox Lecture Hall – G.59, Ground Floor, Arts Building – UWA)Christopher Wortham, ‘Invisible Maps: Cartographic Coding in Shakespeare’s Henry V and Julius Caesar

Saturday, 7 October 2017

9.00-9.30 Arrival Tea & Coffee (Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)
Session 1.9.30-11.00 Susan Broomhall, Introduction & HousekeepingPlenary Panel: Faith, Curiosity and Science in the Middle Ages

  1. Michael Barbezat, ‘Curiosity that Becomes Something Else: The Desire to See and to Speak with the Dead in English Twelfth-Century Sources’
  2. Jonathan Adams, ‘Muhammad’s Miracles: Science, Faith, and the Prophet’s Tricks in Medieval East Norse Texts’
11.00-11.30 Morning tea (Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)
Session 2.11.30-13.00 The Natural and the Supernatural in Literature
(Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)1. Jane Victoria Frost, ‘Bird Imagery in the Ancrene Wisse: Lessons in Asceticism for the Anchoress’2. Tara Auty, ‘A Merging of Supernatural Worlds: Matteo Zuppardo’s Blending of Motifs from Medieval Christianity and Classical Mythology in the Alfonseis’3. Victoria Bladen, ‘Shakespeare’s Political Spectres’
Belief and Empiricism between the Natural and the Supernatural
(Meeting Room – no. 10 on map)1. Georgina Pitt, ‘Negotiating with the Living and the Dead: A Seventh-Century Anglo-Saxon Ship-Burial’2. Sarah Tiboni, ‘The “enfant prodige”: Saint Rose of Viterbo (1233–1251) as a Medium of Supernatural between the Middle Ages and the Contemporary Era’3. Robert Weston, ‘The Natural and Supernatural in Early Modern Europe: A Medical Perspective’
13.00-14.00 Lunch (Sir George Currie Dining Hall – no. 3 on map)
Session 3.14.00-15.30 The Scary Supernatural
(Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)1. Abaigéal Warfield, ‘“A frightening new report”: Fear, Blasphemers, and the Devil in Early Modern German News’2. Judith Bonzol, ‘Trouble at Sea: Travelling to the New World and Witchcraft Accusations’3. Jessica Donovan, ‘Shifting Feminine Gender Roles in Vampiric Mythology and Gothic Literature’
(Super)natural Bodies that Matter
(Meeting Room – no. 10 on map)1. Clare Davidson, ‘Aligning Natural and Supernatural Arousal’2. Shannon Gilmore, ‘Divine Encounters: The Rituals and Miracles of Fifteenth-Century Tuscan Images’3. Adam Hembree, ‘Matter, Mother, Nature: Staging Magic and Mastery in Action’
15.30-16.00 Afternoon Tea (Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)
Session 4.16.00-17.00 Keynote Panel
(Seminar Room – no. 5 on map)Kirk Essary, ‘Negotiating Natural and Supernatural: The Ambiguous Approach of Erasmus’
17.30 Informal Conference Dinner at The Resident (156 Hampden Road, Nedlands):